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The Legal Help You Need After A Serious Injury Or The Death Of A Family Member

How a tragic event impacts you and your family can be markedly different from the way the same injury or death will affect another family. Different families have different levels of financial and personal resources at hand. However, all catastrophic losses have one thing in common: The lives of the people involved will never be the same.

At Kevin E. Donohoe Law Office in Hailey, I only represent people who have suffered significant harm or families that have experienced the tragic losses of loved ones. Personal injury cases are those in which someone’s injury or death was caused by the negligence of another person, business or entity.

Call me, Kevin Donohoe, at 208-725-8810 and set up a time to meet and talk about what happened. I will be straightforward with you about how I can help, and the meeting is always free.

Personal Injury Case Types That I Handle Most Often

Anyone can get injured almost anywhere and in any way. The cases I handle involve fault. I help people whose injuries were the results of someone else’s reckless, aggressive or distracted behavior on the road, at a construction site or during the operation of a business.

Please call me if you or a loved one was involved in a:

  • Car, motorcycle or delivery van collision: If the other driver was not following the rules and someone got hurt, this can be grounds for a personal injury case.
  • Semi-truck, tractor-trailer or big rig crash: These incidents are different than car crashes, as the drivers and the companies they work for are held to higher safety standards.
  • Medical negligence situation: These mishaps are much more common than most people think. In fact, only cancer and heart disease claim more victims. Practicing medicine is a tough job, but when a mistake leads to a serious injury or the death of a patient, the hospital or provider must accept responsibility. Unfortunately, that is usually not what happens. I will have your case reviewed by qualified medical experts before I proceed.
  • Commercial premises liability: Each year, unsafe conditions on commercial property leads to injury and death. Whether it’s faulty stairs, inadequate security, dangerous entryways, vicious dogs, sub-code construction or a failure to maintain the property, the occupier or owner of the property may be responsible for the harm they caused. The law governing premises liability can be complex and often requires retaining experts to establish fault. I will work to show that the party being sued either owned or controlled the property, you were legally on the property, a dangerous condition caused the injury, and the defendant knew (or should have known) that the dangerous condition existed.
  • Construction site mishap: These sites are dangerous places to work. I want to ensure that if you were hurt while doing your job, you will pursue all the financial compensation and remedies available to you.
  • Workers’ compensation issue: Workers’ compensation is an insurance nearly all employers must have. If you were injured on the job, it is important to know your rights to this compensation. I will also investigate whether a third-party lawsuit is warranted.
  • Wrongful death event: A wrongful death claim may be sought after an accident or interaction caused death because of someone else’s negligence. This claim is filed on behalf of the surviving family members.
    As an attorney who has worked in personal injury law for decades, I understand both the law and the process. If I can help you, I will. If I am not able to help, then, whenever possible, I will direct you to someone who can.

Get In Touch For The Advice You Need To Move Forward

Whether the defendant is a person, a health provider or an institution, an insurance company or a large corporation, my decades of experience give me the ability to tailor my trial strategy to your specific situation. Call me at 208-725-8810 to arrange a meeting. Or, send me a request for a meeting by using my email query form. There is no charge for your consultation. With an office in Hailey, I help injured people across central Idaho, including all of Southern Idaho.