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Commercial Premises Liability Assistance That Puts People At The Center Of The Law

Each year, unsafe conditions on commercial property leads to injury and death. Business and commercial property owners who fail to keep their premises safe, either by failing to repair damage, ignoring needed maintenance or another issue, may be responsible for the injuries that follow. But proving a case can be a challenge for the injured.

Welcome to the Kevin E. Donohoe Law Office. The people of Hailey and southern Idaho know me as an attorney who stands up for what is right and who rises to the occasion. I am Kevin E. Donohoe, and when premises issues cause serious or even fatal injuries, my neighbors turn to me for answers.

Working With An Attorney Is The Right Decision

The law governing premises liability can be complex and often requires retaining experts to establish fault. In each case, the plaintiff must show that the party being sued either owned or controlled the property, that the plaintiff was legally on the property, that a dangerous condition caused the injury and that the defendant knew (or should have known) that the dangerous condition existed.

Make A Wise Decision About Your Future

When you work with me, you gain access to a large professional network and decades of legal experience. I know Idaho laws, the regional courts and strategies that will maximize your outcomes. I give you honest and direct legal advice and stand up for your rights. This area of law is not one to take on alone. Call my office at 208-725-8810.