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Frequently Asked Questions About Workers’ Compensation In Idaho

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Idaho requires most employers to pay employee benefits after a workplace injury or work-related illness. Many workers do not understand that they can receive compensation for costs like medical bills and lost wages.

These are the answers to some of the most common questions Idaho employees ask about workers’ compensation.

What should I do after an injury?

Get medical attention right away. To claim workers’ comp benefits in Idaho, tell your employer about the injury or illness diagnosis in writing as soon as possible. You could lose your right to benefits if you do not make a report within 60 days.

What if my actions caused my injury?

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system in Idaho. That means you can claim benefits if the accident happened on the job even if you had a fault in the incident.

What type of benefits can I receive?

Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance policy covers medical expenses, lost wages and related costs such as transportation to necessary doctor’s appointments. You can also receive counseling and services to help you return to work if you can no longer do the same job you used to do.

What if I do not receive approval for benefits?

You can request mediation with the Idaho Industrial Commission if you have a dispute with your employer about workers’ compensation. You can also request a formal hearing with the IIC in this situation.

Can I see my own doctor?

Your employer can require you to see a designated health care provider for a work-related injury. However, the company must make workers aware of this information in advance. Otherwise, you can see the health care provider of your choice.

You can obtain more information about workers’ compensation from the IIC.

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