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Trucking and Automobile Crashes

Collisions caused by speeding, intoxicated, or distracted drivers account for almost all injury and fatal crashes. In 2017, over 56,400 truck-related collisions resulted in injuries. Of these, 4,237 were fatal crashes. The normal legal weight for an 18-wheeler commercial truck is 40 tons (80,000 lbs.). An average automobile weighs around 3,500 lbs. With good road conditions, the average stopping time of a loaded semi traveling the posted speed limit for trucks is 40% greater than of a car.

The odds of a commercial driver being involved in a safety-critical event are 23.3 times greater when a driver is texting while driving. Texting drivers take their eyes off the road for an average of 4.6 seconds at a time. At 55 mph, this is about the distance of traveling the length of a football field while blindfolded. Similarly, dialing a mobile phone while driving increases the odds of being involved in a safety-critical event by a factor of six.

Due to the size and weight disparity between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle, the driver and passengers of the car often suffer severe or fatal injuries in any collision. Once a collision has occurred, trucking companies and their insurers are prepared to immediately investigate the crash and minimize the responsibility of the truck driver and the trucking company. Contact us immediately if you or a loved one are faced with this unfortunate circumstance so we may start an investigation before the evidence disappears.

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